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New! Round Robin Altered Art Book Collaboration!

07 Aug 2019 11:28 PM | Jerise Fogel (Administrator)

Looking ahead to next year's Pittsburgh Conference, GAP members are excited to be beginning a new collaborative project, and we want you to join in!

The idea, with many thanks to Kathy Trexel Reed for the inspiration, is to create several Round Robin Altered Art Book Collaborations, based on different themes--e.g. "the cosmos," "trees/leaves," "friendship," "upside-down worlds," "imagined natural world," "behind locked doors," "color wheel,"--the possibilities are endless. The art books will be created by small groups, most likely of three or four artists. Here's the plan:

1. The group members first agree on a book (existing--it could be a blank book, if you like, or Carl Sagan's Cosmos, or a work on abstract painting...) to work together on, a theme, and possibly some parameters for the artistic treatment of the book (if there are any--for instance, will each person do a certain number of pages? will there be any overall color or texture palette? etc.).

2. Then, the first member works for up to a month, starting to alter the book according to plan. Each member sends the book by mail to the next member, to have new art and alteration added to it, until everyone has had a chance to create and build on it--then the book goes around a second time for final touches, photos, etc.

The goal is to create three or four books by the time of next year's Conference in June/July in Pittsburgh, to exhibit them there, and to auction them off to support GAP's activities and membership.If you would like to be part of one of the Round Robin Altered Art Book Groups, send a message to by August 31st, giving your name, address, and any ideas you have about themes/books. Also, let us know if you have friends who'd like to be in your group, or participate in another group, and we can contact them with information also! More details will be forthcoming soon!

Looking forward to hearing from you, and making art with you!

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