Guild of American Papercutters

 founded 1988

About Us

The Guild first met and organized on February 23, 1988, at the Hershey Museum of American Life in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The Guild was established for members in the United States, but has grown to include members from Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. It exchanges newsletters with the German, Dutch, and Swiss papercutting guilds.

GAP members range from amateur to professional papercutters, and from beginners to instructors. Some members do not cut at all, but collect papercutting art or research the many traditions of papercutting art. There are no jury requirements for members. Everyone is encouraged to start with the talents they have, simple or advanced, and grow in their technical and artistic skills as part of a papercutting community.

The Guild of American Papercutters welcomes you to join us as we further papercutting as a recognized artform. Members receive the newsletter "FirstCut" and occasional additional publications.  In 2019, current GAP members will receive a set of printed greeting cards showing selected member papercuttings.  Members are invited to attend GAP meetings to meet one another, see new techniques, and learn how they can be a part of promoting papercutting art to future generations.

In 2009, the Guild established a National Museum in affiliation with Laurel Arts at the home of the Phillip Dressler Center for the Arts, Somerset, Pennsylvania. This is the first American museum devoted to the art form of papercutting. The museum has a permanent collection of papercut work as well as changing annual exhibitions.  Plans include a library of books on papercutting, classes and workshops.

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The Guild is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The operation of the Guild of American Papercutters is accomplished entirely by volunteers, with no member or officer receiving any payment for their work.

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